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A little too far, by Lisa Desrochers *5 STARS*

A Little Too Far  - Lisa Desrochers

I knew this book was going to be good and let me tell you, it was. "A little too far" was a hot-breaking taboo, sweet, emotional and funny read. I can even say that I learned some stuff about Rome, culture, and art, sooo I also enjoyed that. 

Did I say funny?

“Oh God!”
“That would now be a million and seven, by my count. I hope you brought your 
rosary to Italy as well as your friend’s flip-flops.”
“You speak English!”
“I do, child. Is there more you are in need of confessing?”
“Hell, no!” 
“Hmm . . . Well, then. Let us pray”

I thought about giving the book 4 stars at first because I got REALLY MAD with Lexie's decision... 

BUT that wasn't going to be fair. SO I'M OVER IT!!! I guess I just was heartbroken for the other hot-dreamy-sweet male character. YEAH, not a big fan of love triangles, however I'm definitly reading the next book to see if he gets his HEA, I REALLY HOPE HE DOES.

I really recommend this book!